Our business

Environmental care and the recovery of materials from waste are extremely important in our business.

We use as much recycled material as possible for the manufacture of our products. We give plastics a second life, thus minimising waste.


Environmental care and the recovery of materials from waste are extremely important in our business.

We use as much recycled material as possible for the manufacture of our products. We give plastics a second life, thus minimising waste.


How does it affect the quality of our products?

As a leader in post-consumer recycled (PCR) waste technology and treatment, we can implement plastic recycling to a considerable extent without compromising the mechanical performance of the product.

The quality of the recyclate obtained allows us to produce garbage bags from 100% recycled plastic. In this way, we significantly reduce our environmental impact and contribute to a more economic and closed plastic loop.




The household goods company Poly-Lina is founded in Enfield, UK.



The company Paclan is founded in Germany (the name stands for Packungen-Landau, where Landau is the founder's name). The first production facility is established.



Poly-Lina opens a new production facility in Telford, UK.
Telford remains the location of the company’s headquarters for many years.



Paclan’s setting up a new facility to Kąty Wrocławskie marks the start of its production operations in Poland. Also, the company enters the Russian and French markets.



Paclan merges with the British company Poly-Lina to create CeDo Household Products, which is how the expansion into the whole of Europe, as well as Asian markets, begins.



The Geleen plant (PE and PET recycling facility) is bought.
Paclan uses drawings made by the famous Polish artist Edward Lutczyn for its image-oriented activities.



CeDo opening a modern production facility with an area of over 10,000 m2 in Kąty Wrocławskie.
A new logo and new visual identification for the brand’s products are also created.



CeDo launches a new production facility in Vietnam – the company's fourth in the world.



A series of workshops named "Cook with Paclan" is launched.
Paclan’s new logo, still in use, is created.



The Kąty Wrocławskie facility becomes expanded. Its floor area increases to 20,000 m2.


Paclan in numbers



Over 50 years in the business

For more than 50 years, we have been trying to facilitate the daily activities in many homes, constantly perfecting the quality of our products.



Over 25 years in the Polish market

We have been operating on the Polish market for more than 25 years, ceaselessly improving our offer.



4 production facilities in different parts of the world

Four production facilities, located in different parts of the world, work hard every day to supply the best products.



5 sales branches

At each of our 5 sales branches, our employees make sure you’re satisfied.


Our activities

Paclan products are the basis of our operation, but we also try to be active in many other fields. Find out about our latest activities!

Social campaign "A Leaf Makes a Difference".

In collaboration with the Wrocław Zoo and the ZOO Wrocław - DODO Foundation, the Paclan brand has launched the pro-environmental social campaign #LIŚĆROBIRÓŻNICĘ to support the revitalisation of the Manas National Park, home to endangered species such as Indian rhinoceroses and dwarf mumps.

Do you want to find out more? Visit: www.liscrobiroznice.pl

We support the Wrocław Zoo

Paclan brand is a long-term partner of Wrocław Zoo. Already in 2014, it took a zebra under its patronage. After 4 years of supporting this species, the brand focused on Indian rhinos. And so, since 2018, it has been taking care of Manas, and since 2019 - Maruška. In early 2021, the couple saw their first offspring - a daughter called Kiran. Her name was chosen in a poll organised on the Facebook profile of Paclan: www.facebook.com/paclanpl.

Paclan and recycling

Paclan has been expanded with garbage bags made from garbage!! We have developed our own technology for processing plastic waste to make new products from waste. The recycling process allows us to use garbage that would otherwise be left in dumps!

#Trashtag – the new eco-challenge

In support of #trashtag, Paclan has joined Wirtualna Polska’s campaign under the motto #trashchallengeMEDIA! The brand has donated cleaning products to all editorial teams willing to take up the challenge together.

Discover the magic of ordinary things

A Christmas toy shop story shows how not to lose sight of what’s really valuable. The Paclan brand’s latest campaign was inspired by a true story that happened in Wrocław. See for yourselves.

Paclan supports the Oncopowerful from Wrocław

They won their battles with cancer, but a few years after overcoming the disease they need further specialist care. Thanks to Paclan's involvement, Poland’s first outpatient clinic for the Oncopowerful will come into being.

A strong chef in the kitchen

Paclan has become the founder of the main prize in the grand finale of TOP CHEF POLAND’s 7th edition.