Recycling starts in your mind

Yes, right there.

It’s this point where, after you open the cupboard under the sink, you don’t throw all the rubbish into one bin, but take a moment to sort it. A crushed plastic bottle goes into the plastic bin and a jar with no lid into the one for glass.

Why are you doing this?

Because you know it makes sense. Because you know that valuable raw materials can be extracted from rubbish. Because you know that there are companies that use plastic bottles to make micro-fleece sweatshirts, backpacks, and many other useful products.

Yes, we are one of those companies

At Cedo, we make products that help organise life in the household.
We are constantly improving them, as we are perfectly aware that also they can have a second life.

See our Paclan For Nature range of products

We have developed an original technology for processing household waste into regranulate, which we use to manufacture new products, i.e. rubbish bags.

For over 30 years, we have operated our Plastic Recycling Centre, one of the largest European facilities dealing with recycling household plastics.

The film waste processing system washes, dries, and separates the waste, and the resulting raw material goes to our production plants in Poland and the UK.

High-quality regranulate makes it possible for us to produce rubbish bags made of 100% recycled plastic.


Why is recycling important?

8 million

tonnes of plastic ends up in the oceans every year

only 9%

of plastic waste is recycled


of plastic waste is incinerated

These results speak for themselves. Developed recycling infrastructure and a closed-loop economy offer an enormous opportunity to change these figures.

Source: EMF and Ligia Noronha, Director of the Economy Division, United Nations Environment Programme


Recycling within a closed-loop economy – our vision

We want Cedo to achieve climate neutrality by 2030.

With this specific goal in mind, we are already maximising the use of recycled plastics in our product solutions.

Our business is based on 3 pillars:

The planet environmental protection – reduction of our impact on the environment

The people care for the health and well-being of all those involved with Cedo

The products leadership in the field of recycling and use of recycled material

We plan to expand recycling options in the area of plastic packaging used in the household and increase the use of recycled material in products.

We know that reducing the amount of waste in the environment can be achieved, but more responsible use of resources is essential. Driven by the idea of sustainable development, we want to transform our organisation into a business that operates in full compliance with the principles of a closed-loop economy. This can be made possible by decoupling its operations from fossil fuel-based plastics and maximising their reuse through recycling.


We have been recycling for a long time...


Company founded in Geleen with the recycling of LDPE and PP in mind


Patent granted for pre-washing, used to remove labels from PET bottles


Expansion of operations to include HDPE bottle recycling


Infrared scanning used for sorting plastics


First Britas filter capable of filtering LDPE of up to 90 microns


Cedo’s vision for bags made of 100% recycled material


Expansion of operations to include the recycling of Agri stretch film


Cedo Geleen becomes the first European company to be granted the EN15343 EuCertPlast certificate


Recycling of flexible plastic packaging used in households


Pioneering system of infrared devices for automatic sorting of flexible plastic packaging


FPA (Flexible Packaging Association) sustainability award “Saved from landfill” (SFL)


PMD award for the first rubbish bag made of >40% PCR


“Product of the Year” award by Plastics Recycling Awards Europe for the PMD bag


PLMA Association’s “Salute to Excellence” award for the 120 environmental waste bag


How do we go about recycling at our Geleen facility?


number of employees working on site


number of countries of origin of the plastic packaging we process


number of countries/markets to which we supply products with recycled content

80 thousand tonnes

the amount of plastic packaging we process each year

Our impact on the environment

700 thousand tonnes

By using recycled plastics, we have reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 700,000 tonnes

1 million

Since 2000, we have recycled 1 million flexible plastic packaging products used in households

700 thousand

A reduction in carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to taking more than 700,000 cars off the roads

20 millionn

We recycle plastic waste generated annually by 20 million Europeans

We meet the sustainable development targets set out in the UN Agenda 2030

Promoting sustainable consumption and production
Combating climate change and its consequences
Conserving the oceans, seas, and marine resources
Conserving sustainable terrestrial ecosystems and biodiver

Together we can achieve more!

Cedo is a founding member and one of the most active participants in several European organisations working to make better use of recycled plastics in line with the circular economy:

Caring for the environment is our common cause – each of us is responsible. Don't wait, start today!
And remember – recycling starts in your mind.