18 November 2020

Tidying up wardrobes for the autumn

Many people tidy up their wardrobes and dressing rooms every season. However, the autumn “airing” of wardrobes, as is the case with springtime tidying up, is something much more ambitious. Why? Because that’s how we prepare for both the autumn weather and the winter’s chill. Check out how to successfully cope with the big wardrobe tidying up!

The change of weather outside also means changing clothes – the summer blouses, shirts, shorts, dresses, and sandals must be replaced with warmer things. The time is coming for jumpers, thicker blouses, boots, wellingtons; it’s also time to prepare to wear several layers of clothing. You can’t do much about it – it’s time for a revolution in the wardrobe! After all, you must have all the necessary clothes handy.

Tidying up your wardrobe – a step-by-step guide

1. Prepare garbage bags of different sizes

It turns out that garbage bags also have non-standard applications – they’ll be useful for separating sorted clothes and make an effective way to protect summer clothes. It’s a good idea to choose large capacity bags with a convenient drawstring – for example, Eco Line or Premium bags from Paclan, from which you can suck the air out with a vacuum cleaner. If you want to learn more about how to use garbage bags in practice, read this: 6 ideas for how garbage bags can be used.

Remember to use a a microfibre cloth to wipe the shelves and corners of your wardrobe, where dust and specks of dirt have gathered since the previous tidying up.

2. Put the clothes out of the wardrobe and sort them

As for those you don’t want to keep, put them in the waste bags you’ve prepared. Divide your clothes into several categories according to what you plan to do with them:

3. Take a similar look at autumn and winter clothing. Maybe something is old hat and you don’t like it that much?

4. Arrange clothes and hang them up, making sure that the ones you use most often are easily accessible. And that’s it!

How to keep the wardrobe tidy? Learn 3 tricks

If the clothes in the wardrobe are already folded and grouped, it’s a good idea to consider what to do to make this state of things last as long as possible.

Here are 3 ways to keep your wardrobe tidy and orderly:

Cleaning the wardrobe isn’t the most enjoyable household activity. That’s why it’s worth remembering a few rules, which will make it much easier to both segregate your clothes and keep them in order. Good luck!

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