18 November 2020

Well-thought-out laundry or how to wash clothes in different colours in an eco-friendly way?

With chores such as doing the laundry, it is quite tricky. Seemingly trivial, they can actually be quite complicated. How to do the laundry in a washing machine to avoid accidental dyeing of things such as an expensive shirt? What to do not to worry about sorting clothes? How not to use up all the powder in a week? Those who know the answers will probably also know Paclan’s magical tissues.

Washing is nowadays regarded as an uncomplicated, easy, and obvious activity. This is mainly because we have great automatic washing machines and various detergents for washing: powders, liquids, and capsules. Thankfully, although this is no longer hard, physical work, it would be good for us to approach it thoughtfully. Why? There are a few simple reasons:

Washing tissues – the way to solve the coloured laundry problem

Although laundry segregation is important, we don’t always have time to do it – in the heat of everyday duties, we put the contents of the basket into the washing machine drum, separating only white and coloured items. As for the latter ones, there could be one piece of clothing among them in a shade intensive enough to affect other fabrics. As a result, clothes, towels, and bed linen will be dyed or discoloured, becoming useless. How to avoid this? A good way to avoid this is to use a washing tissue that can save the clothes in the drum!

Paclan’s disposable laundry protection Color Absorber tissues (15 pcs. in one package) are like a magnet for unwanted dyes – they capture and attract them. As a result, the clothes are safe from being dyed. Importantly, the tissues can be used for washing at any temperature. Using just one or two to wash light items and three or four to wash coloured items renders excellent results.

How do I wash clothes in a washing machine to protect them from changing colours?

The popular advice is to sort the laundry into groups: whites, colours, and blacks. This is really effective, but only if the selection is very thorough and the clothes to be washed are in very similar colours. In reality, we often have a lot of clothes that are difficult to put in a category. Nor can we always have the freedom of washing them all separately as this is too time-consuming and uneconomical. On the other hand, there’s nothing worse than saying – after taking the laundry out of the washing machine – that our favourite blouse, a new shirt, or the baby’s coolest rompers, which by some strange accident found themselves in the drum, have been destroyed by becoming completely or partially dyed. So how to do the laundry to protect things from colour change or loss? Discover our ideas!

Washing clothes economically and ecologically

Using solutions that help protect clothing, bedding, towels, and other textiles from becoming dyed or discoloured has only advantages. You can longer enjoy your favourite items without having to buy new ones quickly. You save money by not buying new things. Notably, however, when you use Paclan’s Colour Absorber laundry protection tissues, you do your laundry in a way that’s even more economical and environmentally friendly. The great advantage of these tissues is that they make it possible to reduce the number of washes. As a result, you use less water, less electricity, and less detergent. It means more money in our wallet and the satisfaction of taking care of the natural environment.


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