18 November 2020

The wretched plastics or a few words on the recycling thereof

Is it possible to give up plastic completely? Hardly. After all, plastic is not only used for bottles, packaging, or bags, but also countless technical devices, tools, cars, and planes… The list of things made of plastic in whole or in part is endless. Fortunately, there’s plastic recycling. How does it work?

Garbage segregation today

Almost everyone has heard about the fact that separating garbage is a good idea. On July 1, 2017, the new Uniform Waste Separation System (UWSS) was introduced in Poland. As a result, municipal waste can be placed in separate bins for

It’ll take only one step from here to recycling and reusing waste. See how Paclan does it:

Recycling has many benefits for both people and the planet – our article will let you find out more about why it’s worth processing waste: Why is recycling important for the environment?

Recycling of plastics

Plastic waste is considered to be particularly hazardous to the planet because it can decompose for over several thousand years and release toxic compounds. Fortunately, waste processing makes it possible to reuse this material. Although not all types of plastic can be reused indefinitely, we significantly reduce the production of new plastic by recycling.

When considering whether to throw garbage into the right bin, it’s worth keeping in mind that the aim is a worthy one, and the process itself brings measurable benefits. What kind of benefits are they? Used PET bottles may be processed to make something new. For example, a bottle, microfleece sweatshirt, or a microfibre cloth. The latter can be found in the ecological range of household products – Paclan For Nature.

Plastics – what kinds of plastic products are reusable?

We can put the following types of garbage it the yellow bin, intended for plastic and metal:

Let’s do everything we can to make sure that plastic items have a chance to go to plastic buyers and sorting plants and then become recycled. Perhaps one day they’ll come back to us in the shape of a new beverage or detergent bottle or a warm sweatshirt? Or perhaps they’ll into another flower pot or toy. Whatever, but not another piece of garbage in a dump or roadside ditch.

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